Recruitment, jobs and fostering a culture.

Posted on October 15, 2006. Filed under: entrepreneurship |

I’ve just finished reading <a href=”″>The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People </a>. I don’t want to go into a full on book review but I generally found it to be a very good read – the first three habits were the most powerful for me and have made me think a lot about working environments and cultures of all organisations.

Everyone knows about the efforts Google go to in ensuring their working environment is second to none but then again it’s not as though they are short of the cash needed to provide it. What I’m interested in is how to foster a productive environment, where people enjoy their work and are self-sufficient, within a start up where there is typically going to be a lack of structured organisation and funds. We’re bringing in a second developer tomorrow and this time I’m going to implement a few new things in an attempt to give him the clearest understanding possible of boso, which should hopefully maximise productivity and make boso a more enjoyable place to work.

  • Im going to write a short letter which will be given to all employees when they join. This letter sums up what boso means to me, why I believe in it, where I want it to go and how bringing in the right people will help us get there. The purpose of the letter is to give new recruits a better understand of how they fit into the company. It should also show that the key to a successful relationship is communication and the letter serves as a reminder of that.
  • Each employee should write a short mission statement which outlines their reasons for joining boso and what their overarching goals are (this shouldn’t be too specific). This will be displayed on a wall of the office and the purpose is both to ensure that we’re all clear on expectations and also to keep people going when things get tough (otherwise known as 9pm on a Fri evening and we’re all still in the office)
  • I’ll spend time with each employee going over their personal progress map. This sounds a lot like management garbarge but I do think it’s important to set targets for your staff and ensure that there is a built level of accountability (of which they should be aware) to map out the consequences of missing/achieving those goals. People should know what rewards there are for acheiving goals and what happens when they don’t, otherwise there is little incentive to ever achieve them

The cynic in me tells me that this is all a bit mumbo jumbo and something that sounds like a great idea but ultimately serves no purpose. And I completely agree with that when such things are implemented insincerely, if my only reason for investing more time in staff is to drive up productivity I’m sure it would be doomed to failure. However that’s not my only reason – I actually do want to foster an environment that is genuinely fun and dynamic to work in. I want people to share my vision for boso and I want them to feel part of the family. When you start seeing recruitment purely as a means to an end I think you’re opening yourself up to big problems. Especially as a start up – you just can’t afford to carry any deadwood and anyone who doesn’t feel energised or inspired by your organisation is deadwood, no matter how great their CV or experience is.

I’ll let you know how it goes! Apologies for the scarcity of recent posts, things have been a little hectic and I’ve been a bit lazy on the blog front but just putting down my thoughts on *virtual* paper has reminded me what a great expression blogging is.


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