The night before the adventure begins

Posted on January 4, 2007. Filed under: personal |

This post will be a bit different to the stuff I usually blog about it – tis rather more personal than general web/tech talk (it’s also the first post I’m writing from within my new browser, flock – it’s seriosuly cool).  Am hoping to look back at this in three months with some fondness!  Tonight is the last night before I leave for San Francisco for the big American dream.  It’s been a strange past few days.  For the past few weeks I’ve been incredibly hyped and excited about going – it’s the best opportunity of my life and I seriously can’t wait to get out there and see the Silicon Valley magic first hand.

However it seems that I completely blanked out the downside of moving to the other side of the world – leaving friends and family behind.  My mum has been pretty sad recently and so has my sister so I’m definitely sad to be leaving people behind.  It’s one hell of a motivational factor though – I don’t want to put the people I care about through this for no reason so Im seriously pumped to make sure we make something happen when we get out there.

The whole adventure has come at just the right time though.  Things have been tough recently on the business front.  A lot of experienced entrepreneurs have a theory that the most value from the first few months of running a startup is to show you how your initial assumptions were wrong.  We’re definitely at a point when we’re questions some of the assumptions of our business model and we have a ton of ideas on how to tweak things in a slightly different direction. 

What we need is to discuss them with someone we trust and who has real experience so we can just pick one, get our heads down and go all out on executing it.  That’s where the real value in YCombinator lies – having Paul Graham (for non webbies he’s a very big name in the world of internet startups) and his Viaweb team and Jessica behind us will be an incredible boost.  I can’t wait to just get started.

So what am I expecting to happen in the next three months?  I guess there are some tangible goals like bringing in two more co-founders who are natural teccies to complement the skills Kul and I have and probably getting ready for another round of investment. 

But on a more fundamental level I think what I’m really looking forward to is just the chance to work solidly without distractions.  Boso has been around for a while now but in terms of what a real entrepreneur would define as a working day – it’s not been around very long at all.  For the first version of boso both Kul and I were at uni so there was no full time work on it.  When Kul left Deutsche I was still doing finals so there was only one person working full time.  And even the past few months, it’s been great (and necessary once we started hiring people) to have an office based in London but that also meant a long commute in for both of us.  When you’re travelling for 3 hours a day it’s tough to get any serious momentum going.  The set up in SF will be the polar opposite – we’re living 5 mins away from our office and we are hungrier than ever to make this a real success.

Ok I’m going to sign off now, the next time I write I shall be on the other side of the pond.  It’s strange thinking I’m going to be reading this 3 months down the line and right now I have no idea what position I’ll be in.  Weird.


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